How I found out I was gluten intolerant

I had gained weight over the last several years, a lot of weight, especially considering I had always been a skinny person, I don’t mean thin, I mean skinny!  The healthier (or so I thought) I ate the bigger I got, the less energy I had, the worse I felt.  This couldn’t be right, what was I doing wrong?  Then the mind numbing, brain bleeding migraines began.  Some days I couldn’t function, I had to call my husband to come home from work so, so I could go to bed & sometimes just wish to die.  Doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me, nothing was coming up on tests….my weight kept climbing & I started becoming very depressed over all of this, I shouldn’t feel this sick, I don’t over eat & I don’t even eat bad foods, whole wheat, healthy stuff.
Finally the migraines were just too much to bear, they were more frequent and I felt like life just wasn’t supposed to hurt this bad.  I called the Dr. & made an appointment for a check up & telling them also about what was going on, I needed answers!  Not a shocker my weight was bad (though I didn’t really want to see the number where it was), what was a surprise was that suddenly my blood pressure was high (this did run in my family, but thus far had not affected me).  My Dr. prescribed medication & also ran a battery of tests, since I had been to the Dr. not many months before that & my blood pressure wasn’t high, he thought it possible that something else was wrong & causing the pressure to spike.

In the meantime waiting for test results, I started on the blood pressure medication, this helped a little, but I was still getting the migraines, so definitely wasn’t the whole answer that my Dr. thought it might be.  He initially suspected hypothyroidism, so I was tested for that.

One day while the kids were napping I was in the kitchen cleaning dishes; the TV was on – “The View”, actor Michael Chickless was on & had dropped a lot of weight.  The women asked him what he had done, normally I would just go about my chores, but something made me sit down, can’t explain it, he said he was now gluten free, what was that I thought, I had never heard of it.  So he went on to explain what that meant & how he & his Dr. had arrived at that decision.  After battling his weight & trying diets for years, he had started having intestinal issues & then severe cluster migraines, now this really got my interest piqued, he explained they ran all kinds of tests, his blood pressure was high, but it wasn’t hypothyroidism, as originally expected, when they got his blood work back, his cholesterol was perfect, except for his triglycerides, this didn’t make sense, it should all be off, not just your tris, which were about 3-4 times what they should be, this didn’t match anything else, but w/all his symptoms the Dr. proposed that Mr. Chickless (spelling?) could possibly be gluten intolerant, he had been reading a lot about it recently in the medical journals.  Gluten intolerance is a (as described in this article : symptoms of gluten intolerance .

I found this interesting, but didn’t think much more of it.  And went back to my chores.  Ironically the very next day all my blood work came in the mail w/a letter from the Dr. to come in for a follow up.  No hypothyroidism, but what do you know? – my triglycerides were off the charts!!!  Everything else was perfect, goods, were good, bads were good, tris, were horrendous!!  I called & made my appointment & thought about what I had heard.  So, I now started reading up on symptoms and on exactly what it would entail to be gluten free. Well, I was overwhelmed to say the least, but started cutting it (wheat, rye,’s in so much more of our food than you can possibly imagine, mostly as a preservative) out, not completely at first, but cut it way down until I went back to the Dr., which was 2 weeks later.  Well, in 2 weeks I lost 10lbs. & had only cut down on my gluten, almost cut it out, but it was a struggle at first to get it out of the house & restock my normal food items.  My Dr. was shocked & excited & proud for me.  I told him what I had heard & learned & he said that he himself would do more research.  We scheduled an appointment for 4 weeks later & by then I was down 20lbs.  and totally gluten free, unfortunately still on blood pressure medication, because he was no convinced that that part of it wasn’t hereditary, he couldn’t believe it, after what he had read he believed I was 100% correct, all of my symptoms had disappeared, no more up in the middle of the night for hours with horrible intestinal pain & “the runs”, etc. NO MORE debilitating migraines, and the weight was falling off, I had energy, energy to play, energy to exercise.  I am now down 31 lbs. (less than 6 mos. later) and still working on the last 20 lbs., (oh and w/my 4 month check up, new blood work – triglycerides were great) but happier, healthier & full of hope & therefore trying to get my new business off the ground to help others live the lifestyle I’m now enjoying.  I am creating a home business, called Unglu’d

So, this blog will be about that journey, how my life has changed, how my business is starting & hopefully growing & how my whole family can enjoy each other even more than we did before.

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