11.14.11 Life Changing deal of the day ; Give Crossfit a try!

This deal comes from Daily Deals for Moms/Boston 55 % off 1 month Unlimited Crossfit membership 

Here’s what they have to say about this deal: “CrossFit works because their brand of fitness is broad and inclusive. They refuse to specialize! There are Ten General Physical Skills they promote at CrossFit.  Because of the focus on each of these skills, their athletes see significant improvements in their body composition, work capacity, health markers (BP, Cholesterol, etc.), and their ability to perform tasks in sport and their daily lives.
A unique program offered by CrossFit Cut is CrossFit Moms, a customized program designed for pregnant women, post-partum women, and women who expect to become pregnant. They offer CrossFit workouts, scaled for all three trimesters and post-partum women.”
I have several friends who are crossfit followers, or leaders; depending on how you see it. I personally think if you can afford crossfit is the only workout you will ever need again, the brand of fitness is brass tacks, back to basics, the right way to move & work out, but their gyms are excruciatingly expensive, so this might just be a great way for someone to try it out without a full commitment, these workouts will in fact change your life!

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