Allergen Certificate in Hand, Logo in the works!

I now have my serve safe certificate, allergen certificate, purchased my domain name, contacted a local commercial kitchen to cook in & have logo designs I can’t stop staring at!  Still having a tough time deciding who I’m going to use as a web host, designing the website myself with the help of a friend.

My friend Yulanda is also launching a new business this year, she is a very talented graphic designer & sent me some logos to look at & play with after a few discussions of what I wanted the business to feel like.  They are actually so good & captured exactly what I want in different ways that I’m having a really tough time deciding which logo to go with!!  I will certainly post it once I’ve decided & it’s completely mine.

On a different note, I’ve started “trying out” some of my meals on a family (that we’re friends with), I’m not selling them, so no legalities there, just having them test out what works for re-heating, packaging, etc.  We’ve only tried out 1 dinner so far; a Gluten Free slow cooker Chicken Cacciatore over Jasmine rice….Yummm.  I’ll share the recipe & the feedback soon.  I can tell you from our prospective (my family) we reheated & it was just as delicious as it was the first night. Great way to get “hidden” veggies into your kids.

My family & I are also going to try some Paleo recipes soon too.  And we’ve been having Vegetarian Mondays recently, which has been going great.  Last Monday we had quesadillas, so we ate Gluten Free & Vegetarian (not Vegan, because the cheese was real cheese), the kids had just veggies & cheese, my husband & I had veggies, cheese & soy chorizo, which is so delicious from Trader Joe’s.  (The tortillas were also from Trader Joe’s – gluten-free corn tortillas)  I love Trader Joe’s for some of my go to pantry items.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend.  For any football fans out there, what an incredible day yesterday was for football (GO PATS), breaking records all over the place.

Peace to all.  Enjoy your food & enjoy your day!!



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