Some other “diet” lifestyles that will be available when Unglu’d is up & running…. Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian:

I wanted to give all of you an idea of what some of the other dietary options will be once Unglu’d is a reality.

Paleo is something that you may have heard of lately, especially if you’re familiar with the Crossfit community.  It refers to Paleolithic, or Caveman, or Hunter-gatherer approach to food, what would have been available for food, naturally, unprocessed.  That’s a short explanation, if you click on Paleo above, it will give you the longer, more detailed explanation.  I have seen much success from this diet, especially from friends with food allergies & limitations.  Gluten-Free, which I am cannot be considered Paleo, because I still eat rice and dairy (processed milk, cheese, etc.)  (I also love peanut butter, haven’t given that up, but Paleo also doesn’t eat legumes, which a peanut is)  I did however just buy almond butter, will try it out & if it’s good, I may be convinced to get 1 step closer to Paleo.  Paleo however is most certainly considered Gluten-Free, so if you are gluten intolerant, have Celiac disease, or wheat allergy, you may want to consider going Paleo, you will see an immense & almost immediate difference in how you feel (and look).  Going gluten-free can be more expensive than a “traditional” diet and therefore Paleo is even more expensive, but I will show you ways to keep costs down & will not hike the prices on my food either, for anything I cook, I will put in cost for food & a very limited amount for my labor, My goal really is to help people, who struggle with these changes, they can be very overwhelming at first.  My goal also is to show & teach people with these restrictions that you can still enjoy & delight in your food, yes food is still fun!

I believe most of you are probably very familiar with the term Vegetarian, basically eating vegetables, fruits, grains, etc. You can read more about Vegetarianism by clicking on it.  All of my Vegetarian recipes are also gluten-free, there will be no wheat, rye, or barley used in my cooking at all, or by-products there of.

Then there is Vegan, this is no meat at all, no meat by products, no dairy, nothing that came from any living animal form.  My Vegan recipes again are gluten-free as well.  For a longer, more detailed explanation of Veganism, please click here: Veganism.

If you would like to see any other diet restrictions reflected in my menu, please let me know & I will consider if I can safely make them for you.


Thanks for reading & have a great weekend!

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