Favorite recipe you miss? Something you want to make Gluten-Free.

Hey all,

Have a favorite recipe that you miss now that you’re gluten-free?  Something that you don’t know how to replace, or replicate?  Comment here & I’ll help you.  I’ve converted bunches of recipes now to gluten-free from “regular”.  I can convert to Vegan & Paleo too, throw it at me & I’ll try to help you out.

Have a Trader Joe’s near you, ask them for their handy gluten-free, or Vegan shopping list (links below), this was so helpful to me when I first found out I was gluten intolerant.

Also look at this link from Celiac.com for “safe” & “un-safe” ingredients.  (very overwhelming at first)

Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free list.  Trader Joe’s Vegan food List.

(They also have Kosher, Vegetarian, Sodium, Quick Meal & Fat Free lists as well)

There are many more food items popping up in stores labeled  gluten-free, but this obviously doesn’t mean they’re healthy either, it simply means there’s no gluten, so it’s safe, but that certainly doesn’t mean over indulge either.  As always moderation with snacking is your best bet.  You should be eating much more unprocessed foods – that is truly gluten-free, shop the outside of the grocery store, fresh fruits, vegetables & meats, Organic milk, etc.    Remember even though something is labeled gluten-free, Vegan, or Organic, doesn’t make it healthy, as always use your judgement & eat real food, always your best bet!  Read ingredients/food labels on what you buy, you will be shocked at how many ingredients can be in 1 food item, this was a huge eye opener for me & how I shop & eat.  Safe eating & have a great weekend!

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