Do I post a snack item, or a breakfast item, both are great for make ahead & take.

So, I’m torn on which recipe to give you for day 5 – gluten-free applesauce muffins, or a recipe derived form the Pioneer Woman & made gluten-free by me, Make ahead muffin melts.   The muffins are great for on the go, because they’re moist, can be eaten cold, or warmed up.  PW Make ahead muffins are great, make at home & eat on road trip either wrapped in aluminum foil, or for weekend getaways to cabin, or hotel, pack ’em up & pop in microwave for 15 seconds & good to go; yummy!  Filling & you don’t need to pay a fortune to eat out, you can eat in on the cheap.  I think I’m going to give you the PW’s recipe revised, because it’s really nutritious, filling & can come in handy.  Will post later today.

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