Gluten-Free Survival Kit for Cape weekend with my family.

Okay, so here is the food I’m packing for our annual weekend down the Cape with my family.  I am the only one who is gluten intolerant and it’s Easter weekend & we celebrate 4 of our birthdays while we’re there as well.  Mine, March 10th, my cousin Kerri, March 22nd & my cousin Lizzie, April 3rd & also my Uncle Al, April 7th.  So, I’m probably going to make a cake as well.  (maybe a carrot cake?)  (not sure yet, we’ll get back to that) as my week is going on the cake idea is rapidly falling by the wayside.  **The weekend is done & I did not make a cake, time ran out on me & I honestly didn’t know what everyone’s favorite was** Next year I vow to make a fantastic birthday cake! (please hold me to this)

There isn’t a full kitchen in the townhouses, just a kitchenette; microwave, small refrigerator & toaster (not even toaster oven).  So, you have to be pretty crafty about what you take for food to avoid eating out the whole time.  I am going to check ahead of time if there are gluten-free meals at the restaurant that’s in the resort (there aren’t), as we’ll probably eat there at least once for lunch, or something.  We did in fact eat there for 1 lunch, and although they were accommodating as possible with the gluten allergy, the food was just okay.  My husband really liked his burger, but neither of my boys were overly impressed with the fish & chips (and they are easily impressed) & I was also disappointed in my steak tips, they were okay, not something I would send back, but definitely lacked in flavor.  I had more hopes since it was 4 Bros. Bistro, they were featured in throw down with Bobby Flay on Food Network for their meatloaf, so I was hoping the food would be good, especially considering the price(s).  I will say the bartender was on point, as my lemon-drop martini was delightful.

Like I said the fridge is small, so unfortunately we can only bring a small amount of fruits & veggies, I will definitely be packing some fresh fruit from this weeks delivery from South Shore Organics!!  We brought bananas, apples (maybe the largest I have ever seen), pears & carrots to munch on.  Now, usually I would take a trip to Trader Joe’s to get some extra special gluten-free goodies, but it’s going to be too far out-of-the-way, unless we hit the 1 on the way down the Cape, I will certainly talk to hubby about this thought.  Having the best husband on the planet we did make a stop & got granola, milk, vegetable & flax-seed chips, salsa verde & guacamole humus & organic banilla yogurt.  (I didn’t misspell, it’s banilla, banana/vanilla) oh & gluten-free waffles & blueberry waffles for the cutest littlest cousin of ours Kai 🙂

First thing on the list to cook for everyone to enjoy with some adult beverages in the evening: Mini Corn Dog Muffins, recipe courtesy of: Iowa Girl Eats, slightly varied & Gluten-Free, courtesy of Me 🙂  (so the changes to her recipe are: I used gluten-free corn flour instead of  cornmeal, I used Jules gluten-free all-purpose flour, instead of all-purpose flour, and instead of buttermilk, I used 2% Organic milk (almost 1 cup, leave a little shy & add a little sour cream) ) These can be stored & then reheated in microwave to enjoy warm. Can’t wait for everyone to try them.  (Okay, so I can’t wait to try them) lol  I’m also cooking ahead at home scrambled eggs (for breakfast Sat. morning) & turkey bacon.  I can zap everything in the microwave & we eat a good breakfast without eating out!   Last year for breakfast I brought the take around muffin melts (recipe on blog).

Next will be salsa, we’ll bring Sabra, which is gluten-free (usually I make my own) and probably Trader Joe’s Salsa Verde (green salsa, naturally gluten-free & a favorite of mine & the hubs).  And of course some gluten-free chips – “Everything Should Taste This Good”(brand name) Sweet Potato. ** We didn’t end up bringing the sweet potato chips (even though I highly recommend them), we left them at home & opted to pick up the Trader Joe’s chips.  Luckily Trader Joe’s keeps handy lists right on their website for gluten-free, vegan, etc. diets.

I think that’s everything we brought for food, for the most part, along with of course a small amount of candy for the boys Easter baskets, we prefer small toys over candy, but they always get a little.    The longer I’ve been gluten-free the more I know to bring as much of my own food as possible.  And my sweet Aunt Suzie also brought some delicious homemade gluten-free brownies with me in mind as well.  Love my family & how supportive & thoughtful they have all been with my situation!

I’m currently doing a 30 day at home CrossFit challenge (courtesy of clean eats in the zoo) & while on mini-vacation I still did my workouts and feel so happy & proud of myself that I did & didn’t make excuses!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, whether you celebrate Easter, or Passover, or nothing at all, the weekend was quite gorgeous & I hope you ate, drank & lived!




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