Happy Father’s Day … off topic; hope you don’t mind.

I have been a stay at home mom for almost 5 years now, our oldest son will be 5 in August. When my husband & I decided we would have children we talked about it & completely agreed that I would leave my career (a good one) to stay home & raise our children.  We are both children of divorce & therefore single mothers, with a lot of help from amazing Grandparents.

At the time, I was doing some telecommuting work on the side, so we really thought there wouldn’t be a problem finding work to do part-time from home; boy was I wrong, the housing market crashed along with a whole lot of other markets, thus really drying up any “odd” jobs, but we were still happy with our decision & have plugged along.  In the process we almost lost our house, saved it, (thank you Homes Made Affordable Program),  been so broke we skipped our own doctors appointments and other important things (my husband & I don’t go to hairdressers, etc. he cuts his hair & the boys at home; I have long hair & rarely get it trimmed), so the kids have never gone without.  Some people disagree with us, because I did make good money, but we did what we felt was right for our family & really could care less what others think, if you haven’t walked in our shoes, you cannot judge.  Our children are extremely healthy & happy.  And I would never judge a family where both parents choose to work, or have to work, I say what’s good for you, works for you; I have no issues, or debate over either decision.

Every year we’re a little less broke & every year finances get a little easier (I do have some telecommuting work now as well as trying to kick off www.unglud.com)  (Thank God for my mother & a couple of friends being so supportive & getting us over some rough patches & especially my mother for helping me start-up my business & thus allowing me to pursue my two passions, raising my adorable boys & my passion for cooking)

This doesn’t seem like a Happy Father’s Day post, but it really is!  This is the first year out of 4 that we were actually able to buy Daddy a Father’s Day present, so in our family this was a very happy big deal (we always do cards & things like that), but this was different & as much as we teach our kids to not be materialistic, getting gifts is still always fun.  And if there is anyone whoever deserved a present it would be my amazing thoughtful husband who is the father that he & I only dreamed about as children.  We are so far fulfilling every promise we made to each other as parents.  I love you Bubba & I really hope you enjoy your new tools.

P was so excited to give his Daddy a present, he couldn’t wait to help him open it (C was still sleeping, because he’s a lazy bones…lol – but he did help me pick it out for Daddy).  Here’s some pics of our happy morning:

Now, let me also tell you this gift is a triumph in my frugalness (not a word) as well….  B originally asked for a new iPod (he has a very old shuffle, from when they first came out & we had $$…ha,ha)  So I searched & found a new iPod Touch for a “reasonable” $187 on amazon.com, but going through the weekly flyers 1 week, I came across this amazing 4 piece tool set for only $99 at Home Depot, I showed it to the hubs & he flipped, it was exactly what he’d been looking for he asked me if he could have this for Father’s Day instead of the iPod, opting to get something useful for the whole family as opposed to something that truly is just for him.  I asked if he was sure & when he said yes, I hopped onto Upromise.com, bought it & had it shipped to store; free, I got a $5 savings through Upromise, so therefore the whole set was only $94 & included so much, I really couldn’t get over the great deal.

I can honestly admit to you, there was a time in my life when money was very important to me & what people thought of me was somewhat meaningful to me, I never would have written a post like this, or even admitted that we are not financially well off, never, but I feel freedom in telling you, yes; we struggle, we barely get by sometimes & have failed some times, but we come back stronger, we learn a little more & we always put our children & others first & all of these things make us very happy, possibly foolish, but very very happy.

Enjoy the rest of your Father’s Day & appreciate the little things, those are where some very important memories are made!  Be creative, never give up & be kind to others.  Eat, drink & be merry!

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