I feel high as a kite, no drugs involved – a gluten-free locavores trip to Heaven.

I had a lot of errands & work to get done today (sorry started writing this 3 days ago, but with 2 boys under 5 – things don’t always get done in a timely manner here, so just pretend you’re reading this on Friday), I did not start out in such high spirits, believe you me.  I was exhausted as my silly self had stayed out way too late with some friends last night & my oldest son woke me up at 6:04 this morning 😦  (my fault for staying out late, chatting w/the girls)  But still c’mon kid – how often does Mommy get to talk to adults, right?  I knew I had a lot to do & hopped out of bed (at 7:15 mind you, I talked P into laying in Mama’s bed, while he quietly watched cartoons)

We headed downstairs, let the dog out, checked on the chickens, started breakfast (usual routine).  Checked my email while eggs, bacon & home fries were cooking & knew I had a lot of work (online) to get done, plus a million errands.  So, P & I ate, while we waited for C to wake up, I did some work, then C got up & ate & I entertained them until they entertained each other & I was able to finish up my work for the day.  Bubba gets out early on Fridays, which is awesome, because either we can do stuff together, or he can watch the boys while I get stuff done.  We really needed to get to Home Depot to pick up Bub’s father’s day gift, plus some chicken wire (modifications to the coop) & I have desperately searched for lemon basil & lemon thyme, so figured I would check there too.  I had gone to the Plymouth Farmer’s market the night before & picked up some lemon balm (2 plants), but still really wanted both lemon thyme & lemon basil.  I always try to buy local, or grow my own from seeds first, but had an impossible time this year finding either locally, or seeds at the store. (While at the market the night before, I also stopped at my favorite vendor stand Plato’s Harvest & grabbed 2 fresh garlic (pulled from the farm the day before)) Always nice to see Farmer Dave & have a quick chat.  (they have a great blog, his wife is a very talented photographer & farmer as well)

So first on the list of errands was all together, Home Depot, Bub wanted to look at a couple of things, I did too & we needed to pick up his new tool combo kit (see published post from yesterday).    We got some of what we needed, I got Thai basil (which we all love) & I got something I’ve never heard of before, Chocolate mint; smelled amazing, going to use it in some cupcakes later this week, we got combo kit & chicken wire.  None of the plants I got were organic, which is disappointing, but they were all locally grown, so that was good & in biodegradable “pots”, so no plastic waste, love that too.

Next stop Morrison’s Home & Garden, one of our favorites spots locally to visit, especially P, because every time we go, he knows that when Aunt Sue (family friend) sees him, she offers him a snack, which he happily obliges! ha ha ha.   We went for chick food (for the baby chicks) & while I was there I again looked for the lemon thyme & lemon basil, so no again on lemon thyme, but YES on the lemon basil, so I bought 2 plants; getting closer!  (I’ll have to post some pics soon of all the new things we have growing in the garden(s) this year)

After that it was home for lunch, naps & mommy to run her alone time errands.  So after lunch, I put C up for his nap, Bubba decided to let P skip his nap & help him in the yard, I kissed everyone & headed off.  First stop was Derby St. Shops in Hingham to Crate & Barrel to pick up a shower gift that I had shipped site to store (I honestly find this the best way to shop for registry items), I find when I go into the store I get overwhelmed not being able to find items, or they don’t have them in stock, etc. – so instead now I go to the site & ship it to the store (free) & go pick it up, or I ship direct to recipients house, making transport easier for them.  Done & Done; in & out of store, parking spot right up front, I love easy no stress errands. (I parked right next to a Maserati, you don’t see one of those every day) (Oh they fancy, huh?)

Next was to Marshfield Farmer’s Market, I’ve never checked it out before, it’s on my way home from Hingham, heard rave reviews about it & 1 of my favorite vendors, Ob La Da was there (they have gluten-free & vegan sweet treats; cupcakes, etc.) I took this also as an opportunity to look again for my lemon thyme!!  I got there & immediately my eyes lit up with the amount of vendors they had all selling local food & products, they had tractors & other big machines for kids to explore, they had music; looked like a great time & it was.  My gosh, the vendors were all so friendly.  Not to worry Plymouth Farmer’s market, you are still my first market love, but this was quite an adventure for a gluten-free mom out on her own with nobody tugging on my arm, or running violently in the wrong direction, to get to stop at each booth, look slowly & casually, sample & everything – wow!!  I looked at a couple of farm stands for the lemon thyme, no luck I did find lyme thyme, which made me laugh & curious, but I didn’t get it, I had a mission for my cash!  Lemon thyme, or bust, Ob La Da for a weekend treat & organic eggs (they were sold out by the time I got to the Plymouth market the night before), I haven’t had to buy eggs at all in a year, but my older girls are being a little stingy right now, we’re down to 3, because we let them free-range (high mortality rate, mostly hawks here), and we’re only getting 1-2 eggs per day lately & that is NOT near enough for this family.  But what I found was so much more!  I looked at a couple of vendors tables, intrigued, but nothing I was looking for, then came to Side Dish Cafe (Plymouth) & she asked if I wanted a sample (I usually never get to sample anything because of my gluten-intolerance), so I politely said, “Oh thank you, but I’m gluten-intolerant, so I probably can’t”, she replied, “Oh well, I believe you can try this then, here are all the ingredients & she read them to me….Sushi rice, Daikon, red bell pepper, local spinach, organic carrots, eggs, roasted seaweed, organic sesame oil, salt & sugar.”  I was so excited, “oh yes, I can try that!!”  Oh My goodness, mouthful of delicious!!  I couldn’t have imagined that much flavor in that tight little roll.  I bought 2 rolls from her immediately for Bub & I to share that night with wine after the kids went to bed! (we stay up & spend time alone downstairs in our living room every weekend night after the kids go to bed, this is our “date” time)  We usually enjoy drinks & some snacks.  Ideally my fat ass shouldn’t be eating food that late at night (after 8pm), but it’s fun & it’s our treat to ourselves.   I checked out a couple more vendor tables, when what did before my wondering eyes did appear, a Paleo table (not labeled as such) laden with power snacks – Authentically You Wellness.  I read her list of ingredients as someone else was talking to her & then leaned in excited once they were gone & asked, “Are you Paleo?” and she said “Yes”, I said wow, I’ve never seen a Paleo vendor at a market before, I was very excited to try her snacks, which she offered as samples, I made sure I took her business card as well.  Her power snacks do NOT taste like “health” food, they were so moist & delicious, soft & delicate & incredibly fresh.  (somehow being so excited I forgot to actually buy something from her, huge mistake on my part, I will definitely grab some for myself & Bub next time I see her) – do not make the same mistake that I did, get some powersnacks!!  Crossfitters you will love them.  Next stop Ob La Da – ahhhh….. what I came for!!  What do you have that’s gluten-free today?  Kevin had a young, very happy visitor at his table, love seeing little kids enjoying markets like this; he left a very happy customer.  So I looked around & he had a gluten-free & vegan mini pie (individual size, which I did NOT eat by myself), (I have to ask him what it was called, I forgot the name) &  I bought a box (4 pack) of Jungle Rumble cookies, also gluten-free & I believe Vegan as well, but will double-check on that.  Kevin always has a smile & something nice to say.  There were no cupcakes this week, which would always be my first choice, because him & his wife make amazing cupcakes, they are a locavore bakery, fresh, local, organic, mindful ingredients & you taste it.   I stopped by a couple more tables and looked & was offered more treats (none of which I could try, but that’s fine, didn’t expect to), everything looked wonderful.  Next purchase was a dozen organic local eggs from Rise and Shine Farm I chatted with the owner for a few minutes about our chicken dilemmas (mostly keeping them from being eaten by predators) & we shared a laugh, really nice to connect to people who care about what they’re doing & to know exactly where your food is coming from.  I had such a wonderful time there.  That was my last purchase & knew I needed to hit the road soon so as not to hit too much of the Cape traffic, everyone heads down the Cape (it seems) in Massachusetts early on Friday afternoon, so it’s best to avoid Rt. 3 South like the plague if you can, but I dared to tempt fate, because I just had to visit this wonderful market & it was worth the little bit of traffic that I did incur on my ride home; I couldn’t wait to share my treats with all my boys.

Shortly after getting home, we got our bi-weekly delivery from South Shore Organics (mind you C was still sleeping – after I had left run errands & gotten home, my rip van winkle was still napping), which was good for daddy, because he & P got a lot done in the yard.  I had just set down what I had bought at the market on our front steps when the delivery came, P was so excited the woman had barely put the box down on the step as I handed her the check & returned the last box he ripped the lid off, saw the giant tub of strawberries & let out the most excited OOOOOhhhhhhh………goodie – strawberries!!  And dug in, I was lucky to get any of the strawberries back into the house at all!  (I got some cute pics of him enjoying his berries).

Here are a couple pics of all my finds from the Marshfield Farmer’s Market & P digging on the strawberries!  Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed a “fruitful” day! (pun intended)

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