“Gluten Free is Not Healthy”

This is truth, simple truth.  I eat gluten-free, because gluten makes me sick, I eat gluten-free, because my body rejects the gluten & causes me pain.  I never once thought that switching to a gluten-free diet meant that I was suddenly eating healthy.  I do however eat healthier than I did before, but a prime mistake that people make when they decide to go gluten-free, or Vegan, etc. is that they still buy processed food/pre packaged food that it labeled gluten-free, so that’s healthy, right? NO!  It’s just gluten-free, or vegan  – it’s still potato chips, or a frozen dinner, it’s not health food, or diet food by any means, it probably is a little better for you than something that does contain all the extra preservatives, but it’s not fruit, it’s not a vegetable, it’s still junk food.  Here is a great post, I read on an amazing blog Elana’s Pantry that lead me to write this quick post.  Stop fooling yourselves, you’re not eating healthy by eating gluten-free, you’re simply eating gluten-free.  I don’t eat as healthy as I should all the time, I do however always eat gluten-free, but I don’t kid myself into thinking that I’m eating healthy when I sit on the couch and indulge in a gluten-free dark chocolate peanut butter cup.   I do however enjoy my occasional indulgence!!  Enjoy & eat on!!

Here is the original blog post from Elana’s Panty: Gluten free is not Healthy.


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