Please Excuse my Absence.

Let me first apologize for my long absence since posting last.  We have had some difficulties & this has both kept me away from the blog (didn’t have the energy to post, or any great news to post).  The business (Unglu’d –  is not yet open, BUT it will be, let me make that very clear we will be up & running, but have hit some financial setbacks, which have pushed back the opening date.

I would also like to actively pursue partnering with someone on a food truck, instead of a set commercial kitchen space.  If you know of any local South Shore trucks looking to partner, or rent, or lease out some time/space, please send them my way.  That journey has just begun, and I will keep you all updated.  So, please bare with me & I promise, I will have news soon!! (Good news)  Take time to enjoy your day!  Peace.

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