How I get my boys to eat Spinach & love it!! (Budget friendly, allergen friendly)

I was not feeling motivated to cook tonight, let’s be honest; everyone likes a night off from the kitchen, even the most passionate cooks liked to be cooked for.  Typically on Fridays we order take out (it usually sucks & my choices are very limited), but it gives me a night off.  I couldn’t think of any I could stand to eat tonight & we’re really trying to cut back after the holidays on spending (mostly because we don’t have the cash to spend!   We already felt the small tax increase in hubby’s first paycheck of the year).  So, all that being said I got off my lazy donk & went to see what we had on hand.

First I see frozen chicken breast strips from Trader Joe’s – I always pick up a bag while I’m there (it’s $6.99 & used in various ways it’s good for at least 2, or 3 meals for my family of 4).  Next I thought of the 1 large organic tomato I had on hand, then of the organic spinach from South Shore Organics, and some of the organic scallions – also from SSO (I sliced up 2).  I threw 5 of the frozen pieces of chicken into a pan, which was warmed up with organic olive oil, I then diced up the tomato & threw that in, I then threw in some minced garlic (I didn’t have fresh on hand), I lightly salted & peppered the chicken, I then washed & threw in the spinach, thyme, basil & oregano and let it all cook down to make a “sauce”.  I then started a pot of water to boil for my Organic brown rice pasta (also thanks to Trader Joe’s – their gluten-free pastas are so much cheaper than the grocery stores).  Once the chicken was cooked, I removed it from the pan, set the pan to low & diced up the chicken, then put the chicken back in the pan to keep warm, while I cooked up the pasta.  I added some more olive oil just before I placed it over the cooked pasta.

No dairy, No nuts, No egg, No gluten!!

Now, all that being said – P (my oldest – 5) ate 2 bowls – even the spinach (this is a big deal, he spots a vegetable & avoids it like the plague)!!!  And C (my little one – 3) had 3 bowls, I could hardly believe it.  It was so delicious, affordable & easy!  Made me very happy we didn’t order some crappy delivery food.

Enjoy what you have on hand, you never know what you can come up with!!

IMG_20130104_170223 (2) IMG_20130104_170232 (2) IMG_20130104_171837 (2) IMG_20130104_172146 (2) IMG_20130104_172333 (2) IMG_20130104_172344 (2) IMG_20130104_173117 (2)

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