My Favorite Blogs, they helped me navigate going Gluten-Free, as I hope I’m doing for you!

This is going to be a short post of my 10 favorite blogs, Gluten-Free, Paleo (Paleolithic) & Vegan.  I hope you enjoy them, as much as I have.  Some of these blogs saved me so much anxiety & helped to not only guide me through, but to reignite my passion for cooking after finding I could no longer eat so many of the things I had come to rely on.  I truly hope my blog can be that for others.  I have researched & educated myself as much as possible, taking the Serve Safe course & gaining my Massachusetts Allergen Certificate, so that I may be able to cook for others with food aversions, allergies, intolerance, or lifestyle choices.

First Gluten-Free (PS most of the blogs are gluten-free, some just focus more on vegan & paleo, paleo is gluten-free):

Gluten-Free Easily – one of the very first sites I discovered & still follow.

The Gluten Free Homemaker – another one of the very first blogs I found, helped me & continues to help me so much. I have used so many of Linda’s recipes (adding my own flare to some) & following others like a Bible! ha ha.  Thank you for all your help in making shopping become less stressful.

The Celiac Diva – it’s not just food that contains gluten – I had no idea & now I do!!

Gracefully Gluten-Free – Real life advice!!

No Gluten, No Problem – just like it states – great recipes & inspiration!

Paleo Next:

Paleo Spirit – Yum!!

Clean Eats in the Zoo – not only are there great recipes, but I also love the 30-day Crossfit at home workouts!! (I’m currently starting one as we speak – Hello New Year’s Resolutions!!)

Paleo on a Budget – I not only enjoy their recipes, but their meal plans as well; great resource.

Paleo Parents – another of my long time favorites, offering great recipes for whole families (kids will eat too)

Vegan next:

Vedged Out – Great explanations, great use of ingredients & easy to find ingredients…..not all Vegan blogs have easy to find ingredients, or helpful hints on where to get them.

Turning Veganese – #1 I love this blog, because I think the author is a riot!!  Great posts, good humor throughout.  I just dig it.


Okay, so I put 11 up, instead of 10; sorry.  You have no idea how hard it was to narrow it down to even eleven.  I realized looking through my favorites that I follow A LOT of food blogs!!  Thank you all for all your words of wisdom, inspiration & sharing your amazing talents & recipes with all of us.  I think in order to truly honor all of those working so hard on their blogs, later this year; I’ll start to post a favorite per week on a specific subject.  (I am very open to requests)

Look for another post this weekend, about a budget, allergen friendly meal (and how I get my boys to eat spinach & love it)….  it’s about what I made for dinner tonight; mmmm….

Until then – enjoy these blogs & please feel free any time to comment, or message me with questions, or suggestions.  Have a great night.

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