Use ’em if you got ’em… (last nights supper)

I kept opening my freezer today, trying to decide what to cook for supper tonight.  My main goal always is to use what we have, making it delicious for my husband & I and making it appealing for my boys as well, the latter being the toughest part!  I looked & looked; nothing. Not that we didn’t have food, we have a fairly stocked freezer, refrigerator & pantry right now, but nothing came to me, nothing called to me.  I posted on & asked, “what are you cooking for supper tonight?”  I needed inspiration.  I got 1 response, which sounded delicious, but I didn’t have some of the items needed & my kids already had mac n’ cheese for lunch. So, I looked & looked, by the time it was time to start cooking something, I looked in the refrigerator first, instead of the freezer (I always tend to look at my proteins first, which really doesn’t make that much sense when you think about it).  I saw some of the remainder of what I had purchased to make my Greek Salad Skewers from last weekends Pats game. I thought, Oh; that’s not a bad idea – Greek Chicken Pasta!!  And so it was decided. I put some organic extra virgin olive oil in a saute’ pan, (not even enough to cover the whole bottom),

I then started slicing cherry tomatoes in half & threw them into warm pan,

then started pitting the olives & tossed them in,

then sliced 2 scallions,

then 1/2 of a yellow onion

pinch of sea salt, bunch of oregano (I was a little heavy-handed on the oregano, which was delightful)

I threw in a few more olives not pitted, just for flavor & because I was sick of pitting them! (adds saltiness to the dish, without the additional salt) Also added some ground black pepper.

Look how pretty:

IMG_20130117_165847 (2)

As that was cooking down (into sauce) I grabbed the last 4 small pieces of chicken breast (from my previously mentioned Trader Joe’s purchase – making that 1 bag of $6.99 chicken into 3 separate dinners – nice!)


IMG_20130117_170843 (2)

As that was cooking I started to boil my water for my Organic brown rice pasta (also from Trader Joe’s – thank you TJ’s – will you please come to town?)   I wish they would shut down that disgusting IHOP in town & put a TJ’s there, perfect spot…  just my opinion. (I can’t for the life of me figure how they stay in business, that pancake house,  not because I don’t love pancakes; I do, but we have so many good local breakfast spots, I can’t figure who’s eating there, again just my opinion)

Once the pasta was cooked (approx. 7 min.) the sauce was made, chicken was cooked in, I diced up the chicken, returned it to the sauce, drained the pasta, poured that into the sauce, tossed, topped with Feta cheese & serve:

IMG_20130117_172924 (2) (This was more juicy/saucy than it looks in picture)

And as an extra bonus for this Mama-cook a nice glass of white wine:

IMG_20130117_173942 (2)

Wow, good!!!  And made room in our veggie drawer in fridge for our delivery tomorrow from South Shore Organics; can’t wait!

IMG_20130117_173434 (2)

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