No electricity, go Pioneer cooking with me…

As some of you reading will know we just experienced a blizzard here (Massachusetts), as many of you reading this have gone through it with me.  We stocked the house with wood (for the wood stove) & candles, batteries charged for flashlights, cell phones (which mine didn’t last long at all, thankfully hubby’s lasted longer).  I made an interesting Wal-Mart run for groceries, necessities, etc.  as it is extremely close (had already started to snow) and more than just food, I could get a few things we needed in one stop.  Thankfully they have quite a few new gluten-free products (which I have decided to turn into individual reviews) I will get to that in the next few posts.

The storm started about 11am on Friday morning, we didn’t think too much of it at first, we hardly lose power here and if we do, not usually for too long.  I have to say being a tried & true New Englander, sarcastic & skeptical as we come, I rarely believe the meteorologists are correct!! (I was wrong this time) We decided we should start-up the wood stove, first because it was cold and just in case we did lose power, this would be our only heat source.  It’s in our living room, which in turn warms up the whole upstairs as well.  Sure enough we lost power roughly 7pm, it only stayed out for a few minutes & we (Foolishly) thought we were in the clear when it popped back on, we had already eaten a nice hot supper, so we were good there.  We settled in & enjoyed watching the snow fall outside.   Then 930, the lights went out for good!!  Our boys go to bed at 8pm, and the power going out didn’t disturb them at all.  My husband & I stayed up in the dark making sure the fire was nice & hot until about 10pm & decided to head to bed, not sure of how cold it would be in the morning & what time the kids would wake up (because they would be cold).

My oldest woke us at 630am (thank you cell phone inventors, as this was our communication & clock).  We got up with him to go downstairs & assess the heat, or lack there of situation.  It was 55 in the house according to our thermostat, which was running on battery backup.  This was not nearly as cold as we thought it was going to be.  My husband quickly started a fire in the stove & then started to shovel a path from the back door ( we couldn’t get out either door at first), it was also still snowing pretty good at this point.  I tried to think of what I would be giving everyone for breakfast with no electricity to cook (electric stove/oven).  I figured I would give the kids & hubby cereal (I don’t have any gf cereal on hand currently).  We were getting everything situated in the house, set up to make it through the day with no power.  Then it dawned on me – Wood Stove!!!  I was going to try it, as I opened our refrigerator,, I took things out to use, all at once, so as to not open & close it too often, I decided that whatever I took out to use, would go outside on back deck into the natural cooler (snow)!  I grabbed milk, eggs, turkey bacon & got to work.  I filled the tea kettle with water & set that on top (to the side) first to make tea, as coffee wasn’t going to happen.  I also didn’t want to dirty too many dishes, because having no hot water to really wash things after (other than heating water in kettle, which I did to clean the few dishes we used)  I set out cracking the eggs, adding milk, garlic salt, pepper, and chives & scrambling with wood spoon directly into the frying pan & set that on the side of the wood stove, then put turkey bacon in other small frying pan in center of wood stove, so there it was, water, scrambled eggs & bacon on the stove & ready to rock, now to see if this will work:


Well, in true “pioneer” style – we had a delicious Gluten-Free, nutritious breakfast ready.  My husband came back in the house just in time to declare he had cleared the back deck, a path the the front door & a path to the chicken coop – we originally thought we might cook on the grill, but decided it was too nasty out to stand out there & we were nervous about cooking in such wind & cold with propane/open flame (a.k.a. Hannah Storm)   He was thrilled to see a hot breakfast waiting for him!!

We had tea bags on hand thanks to my friend Erin over at Zara’s Hungry who had brought a package over awhile before.  I’ve enjoyed it a couple of times when I had a sore throat, I’m not typically much of a tea drinker (I like it when I’m sick) and now I like it when we have no electricity & need caffeine! LOL

My husband said it was the best thing he could have imagined after coming inside from shoveling & that having a hot breakfast made not having power so much better – it was a bit of an adventure.  (This feeling did wear off mind you, but not right away, I’ll get to that in my next post – Chili for supper on the wood stove).

Here is a pic of my plate/finished product & yes that’s steam in the pic!  Enjoy & until next time, eat well.


My heart goes out to all who still don’t have power, I hope you do soon, we were out from 930pm Friday night, until 530am Sunday morning, then it went back out for about an hour & 1/2 from noon Sunday, until about 130p.  Right now it’s Monday morning & we are still warm and praying for those who are not!


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