Gluten-Free Review time – Pancakes anyone?


Gluten-Free Cafe’ is the brand.  I purchased it specifically to review it.  I did this because I always scratch make my pancakes & thought I wonder is it easier to make my own, or buy a mix?    Why not try it out & let you know.  Let me also say the first thing I always do is turn every product over & read the ingredients, I did so and was not impressed, seemed like a decent amount of “extra” stuff that was hard to pronounce, this never makes me feel great about a food product!  (notice the “all natural” at the top?  don’t ever take that at face value)

Well, I can safely say, save your money, it’s much less expensive & very easy.  These came out dry & lifeless & you have to add nearly as many ingredients (as many) if you made them from scratch.  Here’s a link to my favorite Vegan pancakes, I make pancakes so often, I make many different variations, I will post some more (very easy) recipes soon!!!

We had leftover pancakes, this never happens in our house, ever!  There’s typically not a crumb in site, in this case there were plenty left.  It was very disappointing.  I tried to get a picture for you, but these pancakes must have been so ashamed of themselves, not 1 decent shot came out.

100_1748  Even the addition of White Chocolate Chips didn’t help this mix.  Sorry.


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