I’m so happy to see Spring, I can’t even begin to tell you; after such a long, cold Winter; I’m done.  Ready for planting & regrowing already planted herbs (our chives come back on their own every year, as well as rosemary & a couple more things).  We’re not only expanding our home garden this year with raised beds; like these:

raised garden bed

I have quite a few gardening ideas on my Pinterest board, if you’re interested.  This is our 4th year growing new items every year & expanding to different areas of the yard.  We’re planting watermelon(s) for the first time this year, I will post progress with those & the rest of the garden(s).

I’m also really excited to start some pallet gardens, we’re going to put them in front of our pool fence, it is chain link & therefore provides no privacy at all!!  Take a look at the idea:

pallet garden


I plan on doing a blog series on our gardening this year, as this also helps quite a bit to keep costs down on food, this is especially difficult when eating a “special” diet, such as gluten-free, vegan & paleo for examples.

I garden with no pesticides at all, and the only “fertilizer” we use is our own compost (we have a bin in the backyard) fruits, veggies, grass, leaves, dirt, egg shells, seashells, etc.  No meat in the compost bin.  OH & of course we have our own chickens, who also provide some wonderful natural fertilizer (our chicks are fed an organic diet).  So, follow this series – Organic Gardening for your Lifestyle!



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