How I converted my non-veggie eating In-Laws into Kale fans.

kale chips 2

Yap, did it!!  Score one for me & my cooking.  My mother in law not so hard to please; pretty easy-going, but my Father in law, not a veggie loving easy guy to cook for!

We had our annual tradition of inviting them for dinner here with us & coloring Easter eggs with the boys.  I cooked marinated chicken kabobs, rice & kale chips.  I was not sure how this was all going to go over, it was a light fresh, good for you meal.  Kale chips were the biggest chance I took with them, but we had just gotten a fresh batch & my husband LOVES when I make them.  I mean, seriously he sees them & God help me if I choose to do anything else with them besides make chips, even though I do, he is slightly disappointed if they’re not in chip form.  So, I generally oblige, as I also love them & both the boys will eat some too.  Here is what you’ll need:

Kale (fresh & organic are your best choice)  & however much you want, this is not a “measured” recipe, more of a serving suggestion.

Organic Extra virgin olive oil


Sea Salt

Ground Black Pepper

Lemon juice

Preheat oven to 425, lightly spray a baking sheet, chop your kale & lay it out in single layer on your cookie sheet.  Lightly, very lightly salt, pepper, & paprika – go lightly with the salt, the kale truly absorbs what you put on it, like a sponge (I have over salted & regretted).    Toss & shake the kale about, then lightly drizzle with the lemon juice & very lightly with the olive oil  – if you soak it, they will burn quickly, instead of crisp up like they should.  Again make sure to shake up a bit for an even flavor, make sure again you have a single layer & cook for approximately 10 min., checking after 5 min. as ovens vary. Once you see some brown & feel they’re crisp enough, you’re done!  Easy & I promise you delicious.

They loved it, my father in law wasn’t even going to try it at first, but in front of the kids he had to, since the rule at our table is you must at least try 1 single bite before rejecting anything on your plate.  He tried it, loved it & had more!  Triumph!!

My mother in law called to let us know they bought some kale that week & they now love kale, my FIL has put it on his sandwiches & has even attempted the kale chips (they said theirs weren’t as successful), but hey they tried & if they keep trying they’ll get it they way they want it.

PS – this is also a great snack, instead of grabbing a bag of chips, cook these up & you have a delicious & healthy snack, without the guilt.  Other suggestions are to add garlic, or grated cheese, for different flavors; I’ve tried & loved many combinations on the kale; experiment, have fun!

Cook, eat & enjoy!

kale chips

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