Traveling for 24 hours, deserves a home-cooked meal!

Most people by now I assume know what’s been going on in the City of Boston.  I first want to say my condolences to all those lost & my prayers are with all those who are forever affected by these tragedies.  Thank you for all you do, every day, to all first responders!  There are not enough and not the appropriate words to express all the emotions we have all been through this past week, as a city, as a state, as a nation.

My mother lives in El Paso, TX, had planned on flying up to visit & was to arrive on Thursday night.  Well, things changed quickly here in Massachusetts…during her travel, weather initially disrupted plans to fly into Boston (due to her plane change point), so her flight was changed from Boston to BWI (Baltimore), which is adjacent to a rail station, where she could then get on a train into Boston, thus making her arrival late morning, Friday.  Well, events really broke loose on Thu. night/Fri. morning hours once the 2 suspects had been identified & more events unfolded.  I did not know any of this until morning, when I flipped on the t.v. to see weather & saw all of the “Breaking News”.  I immediately called her & told her she wouldn’t be able to get into Boston, it was then announced on the train a few minutes later, all rail travel into the City was suspended.  Now, what… “Where are you now, I’ll have to drive to come get you?”  “We just left Stamford, CT”  “Okay, get off in Providence, I’ll get the kids, dressed, will feed them in the car (I threw together breakfast sandwiches, perfect travel food) and hopefully be there by the time you arrive.  (I live just over an hour from Providence, RI).   I got myself changed (I looked crazy; mind you, but I had clothes on …. no they did NOT match) ha ha.  The kids looked a lot better than I did.  I wrapped the sandwiches in paper towels, serving as containers & clean up, put the kids into their car seats, put Providence rail station into my phone/gps & hit the road (P.S. w/out a sip of coffee)…wwwhhhhhaaattt????

The kids loved seeing all the police on the highway and at the station, especially the K-9’s.  My two boys have very little understanding about what has been going on, they know we’ve been watching a lot of news, but they certainly don’t “get” it.   And I feel they’re still so young, I don’t need them to have those worries yet, we will carry all that worry for them. (All the visible police presence definitely made me feel easier inside…I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really want to leave my house at all, and I do not live in the city)  I wanted to stay snuggled with my kids, locked in the house, until we knew more & suspect #2 was captured.   We arrived, got a great parking spot, right out front (some of my friends will be cursing me…I have a fairly lucky streak of getting great spots right in front of venues, that I can smoothly parallel park into; you grow up a city kid, you learn to parallel park!).  Pretty sure I just jinxed it by putting it in black & white!  We actually arrived before the train & when my mother arrived, I felt such a relief that she was here & safe.  We made the drive home & joked that she had officially traveled, by planes, trains (yes, she even ended up having to switch trains in all the craziness) & automobile to see the boys.    Once we were home, she made a couple quick phone calls & I suggested she get herself a well-deserved nap!  I woke her up after I finished cooking us a great family meal.  What’s more comforting than a big bowl of pasta (gluten-free of course) & a fresh organic salad?  Food is love, food is comfort.  Eat, cook, enjoy!

Turkey Sausage (sweet Italian) & Corn Pasta with a fresh Organic Salad :)

Turkey Sausage (sweet Italian) & Corn Pasta with a fresh Organic Salad 🙂


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