Last minute easy appetizer; Lettuce wrapped mozzarella. GF, EF, NF

Being budget conscious (my husband & I had a date this weekend), which was quite a treat, but meant we spent more money than on a typical weekend, I didn’t want to spend any extra.  We were invited to a last-minute party on Labor Day & asked to bring a dish to share with a few other families.  So, I started scouring the refrigerator, the freezer & the pantry.  We had such a busy weekend, I also hadn’t done any food shopping either! (Uh,oh)  I didn’t really want to cook, or bake, because it was very humid & to be totally honest I was completely caught up with getting my oldest ready for his very first day of full day school (first grade) the next day (today).  Yes, I’m a bit nutty & nervous, I wanted the morning to go as smoothly as possible, since this was a big change from our Summer routine.  I have his clothes laid out for the whole week, I packed up his lunch the night before & had his backpack packed with supplies.  Made a little sign to hold for pics as well.

All this being said, an idea struck me, would this be great, or gross?  Let’s find out…  (it was delicious)  I saw my kid’s cheese sticks (mozzarella), yes, string cheese, I served adults string cheese! I grabbed this beautiful head of organic lettuce, I will wrap them & do a little pseudo-bruschetta topping for it. (All veggies, herbs & garlic were organic & came from South Shore Organics)

You will need:

* 8 cheese sticks (cut in 1/2), making 16 total

* head of lettuce (your choice of type)

*approxmiately 1 pint of organic cherry tomatoes

* 2-3 cloves of garlic

* organic extra virgin olive oil

* balsamic vinegar

* lemon juice

* organic parsley for sprinkling on top

First I cut all the cheese sticks in half, set them aside.  I then cleaned vigorously the lettuce, and set that aside to dry a bit.  I put the pint of cherry tomatoes, 3 cloves of garlic, approximately 1 Tbsp. olive oil & 1 cap full of lemon juice (I encourage you to use fresh, I didn’t have any on hand) in my small chopper:

9.2.13 lettuce wrapped mozzarella toppingI took that pic a bit prematurely, doesn’t show the olive oil, or lemon juice.  Chop until your desired texture.  I wanted it still a bit chunky, but chopped enough so that it would hopefully stay on top of the lettuce wraps.

I let that sit in the chopper for a little bit, while I wrapped the mozzarella (yes, cheese sticks, but doesn’t mozzarella sound fancier?).  I wrapped the cheese, placed in my carrier, drizzled a bit of balsamic vinegar on top, then spread the tomato mixture over that.  The smell was so fragrant and dare I say intoxicating, but this is coming from a girl who thinks garlic should be a part of every meal!

Here is the result, pretty & delicious.  Very simple, very tasty, all made with things I had on hand in the house, win/win!

This pic does not do this appetizer justice, these were visually very pleasing!

This pic does not do this appetizer justice, these were visually very pleasing!

Lastly, I sprinkled a bit of organic parsley over top. I really was surprised at how tasty this was & wished I had made a lot more, but there was plenty of food to share, so that was great.

Until next time, Cook, Eat, Enjoy!

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