Sunday Supper, nice & easy Gluten-Free Quesadillas.

It’s Sunday night, we’ve had such a busy week & have an even busier month ahead.  I slept terrible last night & am completely exhausted, so a lot of effort was not on the menu tonight for supper!  I still wanted something delicious that I knew the kids would eat.  Boom: Quesadillas!  Gluten-free, of course, also meatless, the boys will only eat cheese quesadillas.  I was also feeling pretty guilty over my meat choices last night (take out Chinese food), so thought meatless for all, veggies (by way of salsa, didn’t I mention I wasn’t putting a lot of effort in here?) for most!

You’ll need:

GF Corn Tortillas (2 per quesadilla)

Hummus, homemade, or store bought – this time I used Sabra Garden vegetable (I know, hummus in my quesadilla? Something I like to throw in when I make them at home)

Salsa (preferably homemade) & 2 types, Red & Verde (green)

Cheese, of your choice (I used a Mexican blend)

Sour Cream

Cilantro (fresh if you have it)  I grow organic cilantro in our garden

9.8.13 quesadilla for sunday supper 1

9.8.13 quesadilla for sunday supper

Make sure to have a good non-stick skillet, warm it with an olive oil cooking spray (or spray of your choice).  Take the bottom tortilla & spray the side that will be on skillet; layering as follows: hummus spread all over tortilla, then layer of cheese, layer of red salsa, layer of sour cream, layer of green salsa, layer of cheese, then sprinkle with cilantro, top w/another tortilla, spray top of tortilla (so when you flip, doesn’t stick).  Cook on each side for 3-4 minutes each.  I keep warm on a cookie sheet in oven preheated to 250, while I make each individual quesadilla.  Let cool slightly, so that you can slice with a pizza slicer.

Cook, eat, enjoy!!

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