Gluten-Free Mac N’ Cheese with Turkey Kielbasa (nut-free)

This is certainly a far cry from any of my Vegan recipes I’ve shared, it’s full of yummy dairy & a little turkey kielbasa on the side.  It is gluten-free & nut-free.  This is definitely not a diet recipe, break out the sweatpants!  I was really in the mood for something warm, filling & comforting!  It’s Winter here & boy is it Winter here!!  It’s cold, we’ve had a good amount of snow & to be honest I’m ready for Spring.   I needed a meal that would feel like a warm blanket in front of the wood stove.  So, here it is:

Ingredients: (Cheese sauce)

1 Cup finely shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese

4 Tbsp.  Organic unsalted butter

1 Tbsp. chopped Organic Cilantro

5-10 finely chopped organic cherry tomatoes (sneaking veggies into the kids, the blended so perfectly into the cheese)

2 Tbsp. Heavy whipping cream

1/2 tsp. freshly ground black pepper

dash of garlic sea salt

-Gluten-Free Pasta of choice


1 lb. turkey kielbasa

3 minced cloves of organic garlic

1 heaping Tbsp. brown sugar

3 tsp. paprika

1 tsp. fresh organic rosemary

4 Tbsp. Dijon mustard

First start your cheese sauce, throw sauce ingredients into a small sauce pan & cook slowly to melt everything down & get it creamy smooth.  Set that to the side, you’ll warm it briefly once everything else is ready.

Ready to melt...

Ready to melt…

Tomatoes chopped & being incorporated.

Tomatoes chopped & being incorporated.

Creamy smooth.

Creamy smooth.

Boil your water for pasta & at same time start warming your saute pan for the kielbasa.  Chop kielbasa into fairly small pieces, as you’ll be mixing this into the mac n’ cheese once it’s done.

I sprayed my pan for the kielbasa with a touch of cooking spray, then put in the kielbasa, the Dijon, the brown sugar, garlic, paprika & rosemary.

Chopped kielbasa with all the added ingredients.

Chopped kielbasa with all the added ingredients.

We're cooking now.

We’re cooking now.

Mmmmm  (I wish you could smell this)

Mmmmm (I wish you could smell this)

Once the pasta is ready, your kielbasa should be ready as well, drain pasta, set aside for just a moment, put the cheese back on the stove just to warm quickly, then pour over pasta.  Add kielbasa to Cheesy pasta, only if desired.  My boys did NOT want the kielbasa, but hubs & I loved it & enjoyed every single fragrant bite.



All mixed in.

All mixed in.

The boys mac n' cheese minus kielbasa.

The boys mac n’ cheese minus kielbasa.

Adults mac n' cheese with kielbasa.

Adults mac n’ cheese with kielbasa.

Ready for a close up.

Ready for a close up.

As always; Cook, Eat, Enjoy & Share!


36 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Mac N’ Cheese with Turkey Kielbasa (nut-free)

  1. You have some great recipes. I have never made anything Gluten-Free but I know so many that have to live completly Gluten-Free. I know that it would be better for me and with these recipes I may have to give it a try.#SITSBloggng

    • Thanks so much for your comment & for visiting. I try to make sure my recipes would work for people who are, or aren’t gluten-free, (just yummy) helps to show how easy & budget friendly it can be. Enjoy!

  2. Oh, that sounds great. Sometimes you’ve just got to have that comfort food! I don’t think I would have thought to have brown sugar in the recipe, but I see how it could balance and enhance the other flavors. Yum! (#SITSBlogging)

  3. Brown sugar is an interesting addition! My sister in law is gluten free (and I don’t know a single recipe to make for her!) This is one we both could enjoy though (minus the kielbasa for me though! vegetarian.)

    • I have tons of Vegan recipes you can check out as well, I try to post gluten-free, paleo, nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free & Vegan recipes. I hope you find some you’ll like. 🙂

  4. I had no idea there was gluten-free pasta. Have not really looked into gluten at all, but I will scout around your website and read about it. Thanks!

  5. I already had dinner, but this just made me hungry again. No one else in the family is a fan of mac ‘n’ cheese though. But that just means more for me. I will say though I have no idea what turkey kielbasa is.

    Stopping by from #SITSBlogging. 🙂

    • Mmmm kielbasa is delicious – do you like sausage? Here’s what Kielbasa is (and turkey is just the type of meat used, instead of pork, or beef for this particular kielbasa) From Wiki: “Kiełbasa, kołbasa, klobasa, kobasa, kolbasi, kovbasa, kobasi, and kubasa are common North American[1] anglicizations for a type of Central and Eastern European sausage. Synonyms include Polish sausage and Ukrainian sausage. In English, these words refer to a particular genre of sausage, common to all Central and Eastern European countries but with substantial regional variations. In the Slavic languages, these are the generic words for all types of sausage, local or foreign.” Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  6. My friend is gluten free and this sounds exactly like a recipe she made the other day–that cheese sauce looks amazing and I would basically like to bathe in it.

    What’s your favorite type of gluten pasta? I’m not gluten free but was thinking of experimenting with a few gf recipes soon just because. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by & please check out my other recipes. My favorite is the non-gmo corn that I get from Trader Joe’s, but my husband’s favorite is the Organic brown rice pasta (also from trader joe’s), which I like as well. If the corn pasta gets cool,it’s not so good.

  7. I’m not even making this up: My mouth is watering!! I love kielbasa! I’m going to forward this to my hubs and we’re making it! Who doesn’t love mac n cheese ( besides CHristina’s family up in the comments!)? It’s so yummy!
    I grew up with a tight knit fam who always had pool bbq’s in the summer and we ALWAYS had kielbasa on the grill!
    We eat “clean” here, so we don’t care if it is gluten free or not, so we’ll try anything!
    thanks for the tutorial and recipe!
    #SITSBlogging love!

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