A look back at a gluten-free 2014…commitment…

Well, in retrospect, I have not committed enough to this gluten-free endeavor during 2014, that will change in 2015.  I “food” cheated quite a bit in 2014, and health-wise I have paid the price.  I have recommitted to myself, my health & my family to be completely back on track in the coming year.  And that means committing to all of you as well.

New recipes will be posted each week (at least one per week).  I will also be updating the site a bit to add recipe categories in order to make it easier for readers to search (give me a little time on this one, this will be an undertaking for me).

I wish you all good health and much peace in the coming year, please join me in this testimony to good health!

dea-shláinte agus an bhliain nua sásta (Good health & Happy New Year)

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