Another snow delay here, means big booty gluten-free breakfast… (gluten-free, nut-free)

So, we get the message this morning, another 2 hour delay for elementary school, which means Pre-K is cancelled for the day, I knew I needed a big breakfast for energy & patience (we are all suffering from shovel soreness & cabin fever)…  Here’s a pic.

Now that's a good lookin' big booty breakfast!

Now that’s a good lookin’ big booty breakfast!

This is more of a quick idea/rundown then a full-blown recipe:

I chopped 1 small potato, placed it in the pan beside the turkey bacon I started, added turmeric, paprika and garlic powder to the potato, then added a dab of grass-fed butter (kerrygold) to potato area. Once bacon was almost done, I placed 2 of our organic, free-range chicken eggs on top (this breakfast was for sharing), over the eggs, I placed organic pea shoots, fresh cracked black pepper, (you don’t need salt, you’ll get that from your bacon), mozzarella cheese & chopped chives, cooked until yolks are cooked through/not runny (I like runny, my boys do not).

Breakfast was enjoyed by all and for me with a large cup of fresh coffee.

Cook, eat, share & enjoy 🙂  Now please no more snow days, delays, or otherwise? MMm’Kay…thanks!


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